HomeBadger Creations

creamyellownursingwrapfarHomeBadger Creations has comfy and convenient wraps for nursing mothers. (Click on image for full view.)

creamgreennursingwrapfarAvailable in four colors, you can select a cream center or colored center. (Click on image for full view.)

creampinknursingwrapfarAll wraps are made of 100% polyester fleece. Colors may vary slightly based on availability. All wraps are machine washable. (Click on image for full view.)

bluememorybuttoncloseAll wraps come with a Memory Button. This snap-on button can be switched to either the right or left shoulder, to remind you of what side you fed from last. (Click on image for full view.)

creamyellownursingwrapnecksnap1You can also snap the front of the wrap to the neck, for a more hands-free feeding experience. (Please remove the Memory Button before washing) (Click on image for full view.)

All Nursing Mothers should be able to feed their child wherever and whenever they need. Now, with a Nursing Wrap from HomeBadger Creations, you can do so in stylish privacy, no matter where you are!

HomeBadger Creations makes fleecy comfort wraps for seniors and patients undergoing chemo and other similar treatments.  Custom orders are accepted – so that perfect gift is as unique as the person receiving it! All comfort wraps come with sleeve snaps, front snaps and can be ordered with pockets at no extra charge. Versions for men and women are available so the wrap is comfortable and appropriate in every way!

HomeBadger Creations also sells one-of-a-kind hand made apparel wraps, ponchos, shawls, scarves and tunics for women of all ages.  Whether you buy one made of fleece or tweed, flannel or silk, you know that every one is made with care.

When you give a HomeBadger wrap, you are giving a hug that can be worn any time.  For more information about ordering, contact me using the contact form below.


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